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Wholesale Buying from Latin America Made Easy

Yumari will match you with verified suppliers, deliver goods to your warehouse, and make sure you get exactly what you paid for

Say goodbye to the hassle of sourcing quality products


2 weeks or less

We’ll find the perfect supplier for your business needs


Save up to 40%

Leave all the paperwork that happens in between to our team

Safe Transactions

100% guaranteed

We guarantee Payments to suppliers and service providers

Our 5 step sourcing process helps simplify your business operations


Relevant match making

Tell us what you're looking for and we'll find the most relevant and competitive verified suppliers for you

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Product development

Our team of experts will guide you through negotiations and sampling until you agree on the final product that will be sent to production

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Customs and regulations

We take the complexity away from paperwork and cross-border regulations through technology and strategic partner integration

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End to End Logistics

Yumari takes care of the entire logistics process for you, from the supplier warehouse all the way to the buyer destination, saving users up to 40% versus alternatives

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Secure Transactions

We guarantee your local and international payments gets processed safely and effectively

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Why Yumari

LATAM is quickly becoming one of the hottest regions to source quality products, but the sourcing process can be very complex.

Wholesale buying from Latin America made easy